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According to the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene(IFH) all domestic animals carry disease-causing organisms including viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal species.

Although your furry best friend might not seem ill, it doesn’t mean infections are not being transmitted to you and your family members every timeyou pet their fur or come in contact withtraces of any other “stuff” they leave behind (i.e. feces, vomit, saliva, urine).Most of these disease-causing organisms will remain in the environment—including on your pets bed/blankets/clothing—for up to 12 months without a need for a host.

While vacuuming might minimize the presence of hair and visible dirt, it is not effective ateliminating harmful microbes that live on your pet’s bed& clothing. The only way to reduce your risk of infectious disease transmission is to launder your pets’ bed & clothing once a week, according to the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene(IFH).

PetFresh uses energy-efficient, veterinary-grade washers and dryers that are exceptionally effective at eliminating disease-causing organisms, pet odors& residue. We’ve got you and your furry friends covered so sit back and enjoy the freshness, without lifting a finger!

Available Packages

$ 29.99

  • 1 Pick Up every 2 months.
  • Clean bedding delivered within 72 hrs.

PetFresh Buddy

  • Includes 1 pick up a month.
  • NEW bed is provided at time of drop off!.
  • Yummy Kitty of Doggie Treats provided!

PetFresh Buddy

Yearly Plan

The “Pet Lover” Special

  • Includes 2 pick ups a month.
  • NEW beds are provided at time of drop off!
  • Monthly PetFresh Buddy Box with a healthy assortment of Toys & Treats at drop off.

Pet Lover

Yearly Plan

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